Personalise your home with stunning hero pieces. Fine art paintings designed and curated by you.

We work with you to help envision a piece that is complimentary to you and your space; something that will be treasured and handed down for generations to come.

Bringing art to life through the creation of art, fabric and wallpapers.

Please contact artist and designer Tarn McLean to arrange a consultation. 

Painting and Fabric custom designed

Cherry Blossom

The gentle Sakura Cherry Blossom symbolises the fragility of life and the shifting nature of seasons. This soft pink and neutral toned wallpaper adds a feminine accent to luxury interiors.

Deadly Nighshade

The deadly Nightshade has purple flowers and sweet berries, both of which are poisonous to eat. This dark, alluring wallpaper design is painted with pigments, offering colour shifts and a velvety finish.

Black Magnolia

The classic Magnolia blossoms offer a striking feel to the most beautiful rooms set against the dramatic black background.

Red Waratah

The rich reds associated with the exotic Waratah, Greviliea, Firewheel and Cockspur botanicals are a beautifull contrast with touches of turquoise and olive green in this velvety wallpaper. Beautiful colour shifts occur as you move around the wall - a statement wallpaper for the daring and bold.

Beige Magnolia

This Magnolia wallpaper design is contrasted with the beige coloured background, offering a timeless and classic accent to luxury interiors.