Art, accessories, fabric, wallpaper.

Creating fine art and beautiful hand-painted wallpapers for interiors.

Creating unique and personalised interiors.

Ocre's custom-designed art, fabrics and wallpapers help bring your space to life with an art edge - full of colour and originality, for clients who want something they haven't seen in anyone else's home.

INSPIRATION for Ocre Designs

Ocre Designs art, fabric and wallpaper is inspired by founder and artist Dr. Tarn McLean's great, great grand-father Adam Forster's botanical paintings, held in the National Library of Australia.

Ocre reflects a visual story often portraying messages of heritage - anchored by nature, art, history and culture.

Botanical Paintings by Adam Forster - all images are from the 2010 publication 'A Brilliant Touch: Adam Forster's Wildflower Paintings' by Christobel Mattingley, published by the National Library of Australia.


    Doryanthes excelsa (Gymea Lily)


    Thelymitra ixioides (Dotted Sun Orchid)


    Telopea speciossima (New South Wales Warratah)

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